DIALIN 6.125% 31Oct2026 Corp (USD)

Delhi International Airport Limited

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Current Ask Yield to Maturity
5.132 %
Current Bid Yield to Maturity
5.194 %
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Bond Feature(s) Change of Control Put

Bond Information

Reference Code USY2R27RAB56
Issuer Delhi International Airport Limited
Guarantor -
Issue/ Reoffer Price 100.000
Announcement Date 20-Oct-2016
Issue Date 31-Oct-2016
Maturity Date 31-Oct-2026
Years to Maturity (Approximate) 9.438
Currency USD
Annual Coupon Frequency Semi Annually
Coupon Type Fixed
Annual Coupon Rate (% p.a.) 6.125
Reference Rate -
Shariah Compliant No
CUSIP QZ9443701
Bond Type High Yield Corporate
Bond Sector Industrials
Bond Sub Sector Transportation Infrastructure
Minimum Investment Quantity (Nominal) USD 200,000
Incremental Quantity (Nominal) USD 1,000
Bond Credit Rating (S&P / Fitch) BB/ N.R
Issuer Credit Rating (S&P / Fitch) BB/ N.R
Seniority First Lien
Exchange Listed SGX
Modified Duration (Years) 7.156
Issue Size USD 522,600,000

PRICING & YIELD DETAILS ( As at 25-May-2017 )

Ask Price (USD) 107.228
Bid Price (USD) 106.777
Ask Yield to Maturity (% p.a.) 5.146
Bid Yield to Maturity (% p.a.) 5.205
Ask Yield to Worst (% p.a.) 5.146
Bid Yield to Worst (% p.a.) 5.205
Option-Adjusted Spread 298.875 bps
Zero-volatility Spread 301.328 bps

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Bid Price (USD)
Ask Price (USD)
Ask Yield to Maturity (% p.a.)
Ask Yield to Worst (% p.a.)
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Bid Yield to Maturity (% p.a.)
Ask Yield to Maturity (% p.a.)

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Bond Features

Change of Control Put:

Not later than 30 days following a Change of Control Triggering Event, unless the Company has previously or concurrently sent a redemption notice with respect to all, but not part, of the outstanding Notes as described under "Optional Redemption," the Company will make an Offer to Purchase all outstanding Notes (a "Change of Control Offer") at a purchase price equal to 101% of the principal amount thereof plus accrued and unpaid interest, if any, to the Offer to Purchase Payment Date (as defined in clause (2) of the definition of "Offer to Purchase").

"Change of Control Triggering Event" means the occurrence of a Change of Control and, in the case of paragraph (3) of the definition of Change of Control, a Rating Decline.

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  • Offering Circular US$ 522,600,000 6.125% SENIOR SECURED NOTES DUE 2026. Offering Memorandum dated 20 October 2016.
  • Change of Company Name Change in the name of Delhi International Airport Private Limited pursuant to conversion from a private Company to Public Company.

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